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  • Brian Burgess
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


They used to come over the tannoy

This is bomber command.

We had Blue Steel stand off missiles at Scampton

Now with them, the Vulcans would take off

drop the missile

And then the missile would go on

to its target. It's a stand off missiles,

You know.

Waddington they had the freefall nuclear weapon.

So they actually go over the target

The two differences was

The crews had to rush out

start the aircraft to run the engines

up until Bomber Command stood them down.

But they never moved off the pan.

But Waddington

They had to because they never had

They had to get off the ground quicker.

So you could hear

because we weren't that far

So if if the wind was coming up

you could hear the Vulcans at Waddington

They used to taxi out,

accelerate up the runway, deaccelerate

So we didn't have to do that.

We just had to

run up the engines.

But it was it was quite exciting.

The crews were in the engineering

of the perimeter track.

The only people on the pan were

The air crew came from the ops block.

So they would

screech around the perimeter

with the crew in each of them, the dump

The pilot would go in first,

and then the three back seat

By the time they'd shut the door,

because the Vulcan had the capacity

it didn't need a ground start machine.

So by the time they raised,

the engines were running.

And so the only people underneath

the Vulcan were you and the crew chief.

And that was quite frightening when when

That was the Earth moved.

So the thing you know, you could

you know, just edging on the chocks.

Yeah, it was exciting.

But I sometimes find a bit frightening

goes wrong.

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