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Berlin Kids

  • Gail Halvorsen
  • Interview by: Dan Waters


Well I came here in July 1948,

and waiting for my airplane to get loaded

and the kids came out, and had let the kids on the airfield.

Kids that lost their parents during the war.

And, the Americans had put out their hands in friendship.

Was a real life changer for me.

Boy, I'd like to have met a bunch of American kids

in my hometown that'd come up to me

and say something like that.

Never been tested, never seen the difference.

They didn't know,

but, boy, when you see firsthand, kids five or six to 18,

telling you with sincerity in their eye,

we want freedom.

Period, we know what it is.

Said, boy, we'll do anything.

I didn't mind flying three round-trips a day.

And I knew, after I met those kids at the fence.

See the look in the kids eyes, when they had

to load that sack of flour.

Just couldn't wait for some flour.

They says look we don't have to have much.

Just give us a little.

Someday we'll have enough to eat.

But, if we lose our freedom, we'll never get it back.


Eight. Six. Seven.

Eight. Twelve.

Giving me a lecture about freedom.

Well, boy, I tell you I was motivated.

  • Gail Halvorsen

    © RAF Museum

  • Gail Halvorsen

    © RAF Museum

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