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The Victors and the Vanquished

  • Dr. Harold E. Raugh, Jr.
  • Interview by: Dan Waters


We have to realize that in 1945, World War II ended

so we had two nations that were mortal enemies.

Not always the people, but the nations

were at war with each other.

So we have, from 1941 to 1945

we have total adversaries, they're the legal enemies

of the United States.

1945 the war ends, the Allies

Great Britain, Soviet Union, France, the United States

and many others, are victorious.

So then we have the Allies, to include the United States

being the victors, and the Germans are the vanquished.

And so this is a war-devastated country.

There were cities basically leveled, devastated.

The economy was a total wreck made worse by the fact

that as a result of the Yalta Conference

the victorious Allies, the four major Allies

divided the vanquished Germany into zones of occupation.

There was a Soviet zone of occupation

and a British, French, and America zone of occupation.

And the same was true of Berlin.

That was also divided into four zones of occupation.

The Soviet zone became East Germany

the French, British, and American zones became West Germany.

So we have a relationship

of the US and the Allies occupying Germany.

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