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RAF Wings

  • Gail Halvorsen
  • Interview by: Dan Waters


Well, I got the RAF wings

because, during my cadet times in 1943,

they asked, "Who wants to train for the RAF?"

As a kid off the farm,

all I heard about is the good things the RAF were doing

so I said, "Of course, I'd like to train with the RAF."

So they sent me to Miami, Oklahoma,

where they had a British Flying Training School,

and then I went the Brits' program,

got my RAF wings first.

And then after I got my RAF wings,

they sent me back to the Army Air Corps.

And we didn't need fighter pilots; needed transport pilots.

So I ended up flying transports and flying food into Berlin.

So it was a blessing in the long run

that I had that opportunity, yeah.

  • Gail Halvorsen

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