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New Uniform

  • Candida Adkins
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


After a month of more Orthodox

delivery flights, the day arrived

when I had arranged to collect

my uniform from Moss Brothers.

In the svelte luxury of their showroom, I tried it on.

It was magnificent.

"I'll keep it on," I remarked,

admiring myself in the mirror.

Navy blue, severely cut, black buttons,

a crisp gold stripe on each epaulet,

rich gold embroidered wings on the left breast,

and an absurd little forage cap

that seemed to transform my face.

Quite suddenly, I realized that I was not bad-looking.

The nice little thing from Pretoria

looked at cute as a button.

Twinkling with the remarkable discovery,

I walked along the strand, through the lunchtime bustle

of office workers and servicemen,

and for the first time in my life,

heads turned as I walked along the street.

The greatest compliment of all came when women also turned.

It was a wonderful day.

  • Jackie in her new uniform

    © RAF Museum

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