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Space Command

  • Air Cdre Paul Godfrey
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So when we formed on the 1st of April,

we've got a headquarters.

So me and

not very many other people at the moment,

but we are growing.

And at that point we took on

the command and control of RAF Fylingdales,

which most people are aware of.

Not many people are aware of what it actually does.

But that's been there since 1963,

and its primary role,

it's a ballistic missile defense radar.

And so, you know, ultimately

it's a very powerful radar,

looks upwards, obviously,

and it's looking for missiles

and it's looking for re-entry vehicles.

In a secondary role,

clearly with a big powerful radar,

it's looking and tracking various objects in space.

And so RAF Fylingdales does that.

Then we also have what's termed

the Space Operations Centre.

That's based at High Wycombe.

And the Space Operations Centre is

essentially the center of the spider web

in terms of taking that

space surveillance information,

bringing it together,

fusing it with intelligence that we've got

of what's going on in and around in orbit

and other places in the world,

and providing a space service

to other members of the armed forces

and actually the commercial partners as well.

Within there, there is a commercial integration cell,

which has a bunch of UK satellite operators

where we share information.

So, fantastic bunch of people down there.

And, you know, realistically

that's the limit of our operations right now.

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