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Satellite Launches

  • Christopher Read MBE
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When I first started, back in 1989,

the satellites could only be launched

by the countries that had the money,

the know how, to do it,

so Russia, America, China, those countries.

Now, as things are a lot cheaper now,

rockets are a lot cheaper,

satellites are a lot cheaper,

so more people are launching.

There's a lot now of privately funded commercial companies

that are launching rockets to launch satellites into space.

So it's not just these big countries anymore.

It's basically, if you can afford a rocket,

you can find a place to launch it,

you can launch it.

Yeah, so that's now.

It's got more busier because

the satellites are being launched more frequently.

And also, satellites way back when were large,

and so that you'd need a lot of rocket to get it into space.

Whereas now, satellites are smaller than a credit card.

So those ones up there, they can be,

we can launch hundreds of those on one rocket.

So therefore you can make a lot of money that way.

So with that, smaller satellites,

more satellites are being launched into space as well.

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