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World War Three

  • Flt Sgt Justin Brown
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Ultimately our role here is

for a World War III like scenario.

I don't think it's anything

I've ever discussed with anyone

or heard anyone discussing.

And as we do training for it,

we do train for those kinds of scenarios.

But real life,

I've never had that discussion with anyone.

I've certainly thought about it.

And my thought process is always how would I react,

but I would have to do the job.

But I think the difficult thing

for anyone in that situation

is knowing that your family is close by,

because I have a house in Whitby with my family.

And it's like having to weigh out

that balance of having to do your job,

but knowing what's happening

or potentially happening outside of the radar.

God forbid if that was to ever happen.

But yeah, it's very daunting, I think,

is the true answer

when you think about that.

It does bring it on when you do think about it.

I try not to think about it often.

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