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Cosmic Girl crew

  • Sqdn Ldr Mathew Stannard
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


We're a very tight knit crew, more

the Air Force is bigger and we change

You know, you train with one weapons

you get very in tune with

It's not quite

that we're all very in tune

We have two pilots and three

The launch engineers sit up in the back

They're essentially like a mini

The program is developed at Cosmic Girl

that if we are cut off from mission

we've got everything

And that's everything from the launch

that they committed decision

pressurize stuff more.

And that

We're ultimately getting the rocket

to manage the mission.

Behind that, though, in a nominal mission,

wi fi to mission control.

And so for every parameter of the rocket,

monitoring it; thermal, structural, launch

chief engineers.

So it's funny,

mindset like in the Air Force where

there is a team of guys on the ground

The challenges come when the mission

on things and fixes or solutions,

And then for them to communicate

what it is they want from us

or it can be very easy to forget that

For me as a pilot, it's really important

and we have confidence in each other

we can do this safely.

And even when

you know, we in the cockpit saying,

What are we thinking

now? It's very unlikely mission control

would say something that contradicts

We've got to make decisions.

That's very similar to the Air Force.

It's having those conversations

that was different to us.

Why is it

We'll go down that route.

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