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The Pee-Tube

  • Benny Goodman


If you wanted to pee,

there was something called a "pee tube,"

in between your legs, under the seat.

But as far as I remember,

it was a bloody difficult job,

not only because you were strapped in

with your Mae West and your harness and everything else,

it was a jolly difficult job to even,

you could find the pee tube,

but you'd find other things that you'd need. (laughs)

So I, I didn't use it.

I was young, it didn't matter very much,

I certainly managed to hold out,

because remember, we probably had a cup of coffee

in 13 hours or so, there wasn't much to pee,

pee a lot, really.

Wasn't much to get rid of.

But the others, of course they had the Elsan,

they could dash up and go to the fuselage

if they needed to,

and sit on it, or use it,

whatever they needed.

But the pilot was stuck there.

And it didn't seem to bother me,

and I doubt anybody,

I don't remember anybody using the pee tube,

I may have done,

but that was vented to atmosphere,

so it went straight out into the Atlantic. (laughs)

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