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In due course I was called to go for a medical

and that was in Euston and I went and passed it

and then they said, "Right, you're an RAF chap, are you not?

"You go across the square to the other side somewhere,

"Euston Square, and take your RAF medical."

So I did and that was a much more involved

and complicated thing,

and I was always a bit worried about my eyes

because they weren't as really as good as they should,

so there were only half a dozen of us there

and I stood behind, I was the sixth in the line,

and I just learnt the lines that they were (chuckles)

the bottom line or whatever it was,

that they were bing asked and reeled that off

and passed (chuckles) the eye test,

which was cheating I suppose (chuckles) yes.

  • Benny Goodman

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