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Mulberry Harbours

  • Ralph Levy
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I was trained in being a Trainee Quantity Surveyor

and one of our jobs was for the Ministry of Defense

to do the costing for the Mulberry Harbor.

That was going to be floated across the channel

onto the Normandy beaches prior to the landing

of the troops.

They had to get them a port in which to unload tanks

and heavy armored cars.

And also in addition to that we prepared the cost for Pluto,

a pipeline under the ocean,

from England to Normandy beaches.

To provide petrol on the petrol pumps that we installed

on the Mulberry Harbor to provide the troops with petrol

to take their tanks and armored cars into France.

Without that, they wouldn't have been able

to proceed on the beaches.

And because I was engaged with a team

of four other people doing that.

Costing A: for the preparation of the estimates

for the work to be done,

and then monitoring,

and the amount of money that was spent

on getting the work done.

It was a period of about a year.

And so I got deferment from being called up

because I was 18 and due to be conscripted,

but my employer applied for a deferment

and I got a years deferment.

So I didn't go into the forces


June 1946 instead of a year earlier.

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