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Near Miss

  • Alfred Huberman
  • Interview by: Josh Levine


There was one raid, I can't think which one it was.

But I looked out and I saw a Lancaster

coming straight towards us.

Gliding this way, like...

We were flying here and it was coming like this, across.

I called out, I said "Skipper, quick, dive,

"there's a Lancaster gonna glide right into us."

He dived immediately,

it passed overhead

and he said "Alf" he said

"you've saved the lives of all the crew."

And when we got down and he said "if I had,

"while he was coming over us,

"if I had had a hole I could pinch

"in the fuselage, put my hand in it,"

he said "I would have touched this aircraft."

That's how close it was to us.

I just got it in time.

That's the best thing I ever did.

Missed us just like that.

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