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Modifying the Lanc

  • Benny Goodman


Appear in before Tirpitz flankly attacked.

Our engines were changed

and certain armor was taken out.

The one behind the pilot seat was taking out,

a big piece of armor plating

and the rear turret was removed from the aircraft.

And only two guns, I think it was, in the rear turret

and the mid-upper turret was completely removed.

The front turret still had two guns

but they were very rarely used

and having taken all that out

the aircraft was very much lighter

and they put in two fuel tanks,

I think one was the fuel tank from a Wellington

and one was from a Mosquito.

Of course we had no idea to begin with what was going on.

But we learned eventually obviously

and we were, it was pretty secret

even when everything had been done,

we were pretty much in the dark

until we called to a briefing,

and told "You're going off to the battleship Tirpitz

"it's in the Tromso Fjord and you'll find you have no armor,

"no mid-upper turret, and only two guns in the rear turret

"and so on.

"And your fuselage will be filled with fuel tanks."

And it was so dangerous

the ground crew had to wear plimsoles

because the danger of a spark if they wore their boots

and that would probably blow up the whole aircraft,

at least one perhaps several more around it as well.

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