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Defending The Tirpitz

  • Kurt Schulze


I had a big problem.

You know, the runway was very icy.

And I had to get two guys to really get me

in the right direction so I could start.

And when I got in the plane.

It was up.

Just turning north.

I heard over the radio, "Flag over Tromsø".

It took me approximately 10, up to 10 minutes,

to to get to Tromsø from Bardufoss.

And I had to get height.

And when I arrived there,

the Tirpitz was already turning over.

So, I turned around flew back.

There's nothing I could do.

I couldn't see anything.

I couldn't see any planes anymore.

I thought if the Tirpitz is already turning over,

it's properly a few minutes ago

that the planes were here.

The properly pushed on

and flew back to the (mumbles), to the Reich.

So I made a terrible, and I accepted it.

So, when I said, "I had to get back to the airport."

And hoped that my (mumbles)

who had started so early, and maybe,

some of the Deine Squadden had been successful.

But for me, I said, "I better get back."

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