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  • Rachel Williamson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I saw everybody else's tattoos from previous years

and I was like ooh, I would love to,

but it's not me, you know,

I haven't even got my ears pierced

and, I didn't have any tattoos and I just thought,

no, I would love the idea, but I would never go ahead.

And erm, yeah I was on my way to a garden center.

I was gonna get a hanging basket

but I went via a tattooist. (laughs)

It's I am the master of my fate,

the captain of my soul, Sidney 2018.

It's just a memory to say I've been on that Invictus journey

and er, yeah, it's er permanent on my arm. (laughs)

  • Rachel Williamson

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