• The 'baby milk' factory was actually a chemical weapons facility

    Ed Smith
  • A lot of planning goes into bringing the aircraft home

    Ed Smith
  • The crew at the airfield had no idea what was going on

    Kurt Schulze
  • I'm out of ammunition. I'll see you in Valhalla!

    Heinrich Ehrler
  • Churchill wanted that ship destroyed

    Derek Payne
  • … tug our gliders an unusually long way

    Jimmy Edwards
  • You realise that you've saved peoples' lives

    Brian Conway
  • The Germans would steal coal

    Brian Conway
  • They had never met a Jewish boy before

    Ralph Levy
  • My first operation was an absolute flop

    Alfred Huberman
  • The bombing had taken its toll. There wasn't much left

    Ralph Levy
  • Germany was not a place for Jewish people

    Milton Brazil