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RAF Food

  • Ronald Davis
  • Interview by: Tod Nical


We used to have, it was good food, ruined by bad cooks.

We used to have rice pudding for dessert everyday,

seven days a week.

And rice pudding was unsweetened,

there was shortage of sugar.

So you used to get a dollop of raspberry or strawberry jam

in the middle of the rice pudding.

And then mix it up to look like mud.

And then eat it, that was sweet.

The day I was demobilized, I took an oath

that I would never eat rice pudding again.

And to date, I haven't broken that.

I'm not terribly impressed with, even though,

even though, they weren't a proper cookhouse that we have,

every facility was there.

I remember I got jankers on one day on my vacation

for having my hands in my pocket or something of that sort.

Warrant officer, station warrant officer,

told me to go and get my pockets stitched up

and report back at five o'clock to let him see.

Which I did.

And I showed him the pocket that I'd sewn up.

And he said, what about the other one?

I said, well I only had one hand in my pocket.

And he said, I was impertinent and I was not in charge

and I got three days jankers.

I had to go to the cookhouse do some work.

And there was a lovely lady cook,

who I had a nice chat to and she made me some mushrooms,

or some food on toast and we had a good chat

and did some of the washing up, but not a tremendous amount.

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