• I’m British. It was natural for me to protect the country I was in.

    Dheeraj Bhasin
  • They put us on TV to create division in the political will to fight

    John Peters
  • It's a privilege to have one of 'The Few' in our family

    Sean Maffett
  • My son thinks I'm having a mid-life crisis

    Emma Knutzen
  • I'm going to call you Hopscotch.

    Flt Lt Joan Ochuodho
  • We were playing out the Cold War for real.

    Aswin Rana
  • They had to cut off my toes.

    Trevor Edwards
  • You can stay the night, but you'll have to sleep with the tiger.

    Michael Bailey
  • I was just relieved I could open my eyes.

    Stuart Robinson
  • Bridgnorth was cold in the 60s.

    Peter Ramrayka
  • It's the pin-up girls that keep people going.

    Sara Waymont
  • These Southerners had never heard of Newcastle Brown Ale.

    Dave Chambers