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  • Balbir Flora
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Each faith also has an association within the military.

So we've got a British Armed Forces Sikh Association,

we have a Muslim Association, and a Hindu Association.

So what we've done is, over the last two years,

we've celebrated Diwali, and it's not only just to say

we're having a celebration but it's to get

our wider Air Force community, or Armed Forces community

to join in as well, and learn why we celebrate Diwali.

So it's a bit of an education piece as well.

So two years ago we started it off with the Army

having a Diwali event at Sandhurst,

and they redid it last year, and obviously,

it's the Royal Air Force's turn this year.

So at the moment we're in the early stages of planning

a get together at RAF Northolt in November,

where we will celebrate Diwali with some

of the community leaders from the Asian community,

along with members of the Royal Air Force,

Army and the Navy.

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