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Hadrian’s Wall

  • Charles Hammerton
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My mom passed away from Meniere disease

in March of 2017.

We thought, let's just get

let's go for a walk.

That then became a walk with Bandit,

and then that turned into

that really just exploded.

We raised 4,000 pounds.

And we started this,

these charity events

that me and Bandit have been totally

wrapped up in for the last year.

At one point, I had an injury on my ankle,

and I had to take my boots off

because of like, didn't want any pressure

on my ankle it hurt so much.

So I walked about five

across Hadrian's Wall, that was pretty,

that was pretty challenging.

It was a tough thing.

It was a real tough thing.

But there was no way that

We had to get it done.

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