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Air Cadets

  • Phillip Langham
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I couldn't wait to be an air cadet,

and I've waited about, I think, five-odd years.

And then finally, Abingdon Air Show I signed up,

and then I started in September.

And then I've just done so many more things

that I'd never thought I'd do with cadets.

We went to RAF Odiham,

and we, for the first couple of days, we just did,

we did swimming, and then we also got to visit

all the different stations, so we went to,

I think it was a fire department, ATC, the police,

to see what different roles there were.

And then, on the next night, it was like,

"Right, you're going up in the Chinook."

I was really nervous walking up to the Chinook,

because it's like, I'm about to go up in this.

So, you walk on, you have your helmet on, you get on,

you sit down, but it's like a normal aeroplane seatbelt,

it's not nothing special, and then suddenly,

so, it's very shaky when you get on, and suddenly,

everything sort of starts shaking, you just realize,

you're something like 50 feet above the ground.

And then we just flew,

we flew off over a town on our first flight,

then we came in for a landing.

And then on the second flight,

we did some things where you flew backwards,

and then you slammed on the rudder pedal,

and you twizzled and you flew out, so it's really fun.

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