• These are skills our ancestors needed every day.

    Charles Hammerton
  • I met the girl who'd made a dress from my parachute

    Ian Brownlee
  • We were accustomed to a more civilised environment than the army could offer

    Colin Campbell
  • The girls call me WILC...

    Kate Brophy
  • She had plenty of power and liked being used.

    Ayla Holdom
  • Nobody really knows what happened

    Sean Maffett
  • That was one of the saddest days.

    Dave Chambers
  • Exposure to STEM subjects was normal for me.

    Emily Flynn
  • The guards wanted us to smell nice.

    Bob Ankerson
  • If you had brown skin, you had to polish your boots a bit harder.

    Peter Ramrayka
  • Wearing my country's shirt was quite special.

    Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • If he hadn't got the engine started, we'd all have died.

    Trevor Morris