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  • Kate Brophy
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Sport in the Air Force is excellent.

There's the opportunity for people

to play sport at unit level, station level,

RAF level and I myself joined

the RAF Ladies Cricket Team

when it was reformed in 2004.

I've always loved cricket.

I played it as a kid.

I liked all sports actually

but particularly cricket

and I've been with the team ever since

and it's great

and one of the big benefits of RAF Sport

is you can meet a bunch of people

that you probably wouldn't have met before,

you all from different backgrounds and different trades

but there's still some real leadership attributes

that can come out from playing RAF Sport,

so it's rank agnostic, so it doesn't matter

what rank you are

when you go and play RAF Sport,

you're all one and it's all first name terms

but you still have a captain of the team,

so your captain could be the most junior rank there

and they've got to demonstrate leadership qualities

to captain a team.

You'll have a team manager

who could be any rank and will manage the squad as it were

and it's particularly good for morale, team building,

lots of team spirit and team ethos stuff

as well as just generally keeping fit.

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