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Pulse Line

  • Alicia Humphreys
  • Interview by: Julian Hale


With the F-35 and how we're building it at Samlesbury,

the innovations that sort of been included with it

is having a Pulse line so it's sort of

an integrated assembly line where instead of aircraft

are just built in jigs as they normally are,

it's more of like a car manufacturing line.

So it's sort of picked up and moved on

where hopefully we'll get a rate of one a day.

And just thought to be part of that type of industry

and sort of innovation within a factory like that,

it's amazing, it's like world-class.

And I think it is one of the first types

of military aircraft manufacturing places like this.

So it's really interesting to see

compared to different places that you go.

Even in your placement, going from, like, Eurofighter

and Hawk, then coming into F-35,

the difference in technology is in making it

is just, like, unbelievable.

It's massively different, but it's really good to see.

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