• We were trying to give ourselves up, but they kept shooting at us

    John Peters
  • If we don't get involved, people die.

    Alice McDermot
  • Just get out of Dover

    Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • My sexuality has no impact on my role in the RAF.

    Kate Brophy
  • War is dark and terrible. And sometimes funny.

    Sara Waymont
  • Women have proved themselves just as good as our male counterparts.

    Joan Ochuodho
  • He must have been doing 650 mph. There was nothing we could do about him.

    Jack Bradshaw
  • My proudest moments

  • If you failed the kit inspection, it would be thrown out of the window

    Jonathon Percival
  • I am competitive. But that's not something I'm ashamed of.

    Cadet Holden, A.
  • It was my choice. I decided to lose the right leg.

    Stuart Robinson
  • They're running around with guns, but they are 17 years old.

    Alice McDermott