• These are the times we'll dream about, and we'll call them the good old days

    Ron Anderson
  • W1048 sank 92ft to the bottom of a lake

    Ewan Burnet
  • If it's made to fly, it will fly

    Ron Anderson
  • You always knew there'd be someone there

    Ron Anderson
  • I believe I'm a stronger person for having an eating disorder

    Flt Lt Khym Pascoe
  • The Spitfire's cockpit was rather cramped

    Iris Page
  • Reaper has removed aver 1400 enemy combatants

    Air Marshal Harvey Smyth
  • Without the network space is useless to you

    Air Marshal Harvey Smyth
  • We will become an interplanetary species

    Air Marshal Harvey Smyth
  • Deep down, one didn't expect to last long

  • Footprints on the mess ceiling

  • One bomb stuck in the cradle