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Training School

  • Donald Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Being on

life was on the Fighter Squadron.

I loved

the life of traveling around the world.

You know, you go to cold countries, warm

But it was the break of today, you're here,

and you go away to Las Vegas

I'm thinking I'm getting paid for this


To.... in my case,

This is utterly fantastic.

Or you go to Norway or Denmark

So that sort of broke

the pattern of life

When you get up the ranks, that slows down.

But I still loved it.

Being out on the front line.

Falklands, four months.

All those places is just amazing.

And now

I'm saying,

Oh yes, you got to go to training school

you won't get this promotion,

But having taken over

the training manager, again, that's more of a

learning curve because it was like.

You know, you went through training

Of course, you was a youngster,

But you're on the other side of it.

Now you are in charge

twelve youngsters

Youngsters and just like I was

and then

things started well, I was like that,

to start looking at yourself

It's because you've had

out in the big wide world,

These are the people

So I was ideally suited for the job,

And I often like to share my experience,

to judge the people

Because I could see whether or not

they had the ability or that something

to do the job to the level

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