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  • Veronica Moraa Pickering
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The HAC's role is focused on,

I guess, volunteers within the RAF

with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force as it's commonly known.

And these are people who come in

and I guess in the old days

part time soldiers, I suppose.

But now much more part of the service,

more integrated and many more people

And of course, do you get

anywhere to support the regulars

And that division is is now much, much

less obvious.

And I think the people

the RAF are very ordinary people.

Some of them are already involved

or have been before and retired

And some are, you know,

social worker, teacher, even hairdressers.

I'm sure lots of people, ex police

and anyone who's

particularly interested

And I think those those are the people

can relate to because they are all part

and and live in our own towns

We see each other all the time

are like outside of the military

And I think that's the I guess the,

a link to

to real life experience,

So there's a bit of to me,

all the different ways

And I had no idea

before I started this role,

so many different ways.

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