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The Dieppe Raid

  • Linda Samuels and Basil Samuels
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Naval intelligence needed to

get the latest Enigma machines

rotor machines

a four rotor machine.

And they looked around

through the grapevine

on a boat in Dieppe.

And in the original raid

would go and grab the machine,

The RAAF intelligence said

because we've got an aerial photograph

just outside here

and we need to know what it does

and they needed a radar expert to go.

My father was working at the EMI factory

and somebody came along to the factory

anybody interested in a new form of radio?

He decided that he would go along

which was at this top secret place at Bawdsey

near Ipswich, to help.

Just doing soldering or whatever

350 foot masts, whatever he did it.

And when the war started,

he eventually got taken into the RAF

and became a radio engineer.

So when he was 22,

he was asked

They want to send him on a secret mission.

So he went up to Whitehall

and while he was there.

They said We want you to go on a the Dieppe raid

but we have to tell you

As a bodyguard to kill you

if you get captured or wounded.

So he thought about it overnight

and then decided to go.

Pourville Is in a narrow valley

one little bridge over it and huge cliff

side the side.

And the radar station

They managed to land on the beach

Jack and what was left of his bodyguard

because he was losing them very fast

A German sniper would get one of them

somehow managed to get the top.

And watched from a distance,

He got up to the German radar station

and he could there's no way he would

And so you know where

But he could see that it wasn't turning.

So he knew that it wasn't as advanced

And what he decided to do was climb

telegraph pole and cut every

And then he had to get down

He tried very hard to get a radio

that couldn't communicate

and he tried to get radio work

And the end decided I can't do anymore, so

A few people went with him.

And one was not actually a member

of the bodyguard, but he saved his life.

He took him back. So they swam.

My father was a brilliant swimmer, and

being shot at

got onto the landing craft

raising the landing craft .

And he said, Please pick up my friend.

He said

the water was coming out of his mouth

and the

And they opened it up again and pulled

Now the Dieppe raid, unfortunately,

about 3000 Canadians went,

only about 800 came back.

Of the others, half were captured.

The rest were killed.

But I think that not enough is

made of what lessons were learned.

But one thing that Jack brought back was

how important it was to cut the telephone.


We knew

to tell Bletchley and Stanmore

And the Germans were exactly the same.

And if you cut the telephone,

And it was then you could hear

So they knew exactly what they could see.

And from that,

But they didn't use it.

They kept it because they knew if they'd jammed then

Then the Germans would overcome it.

So they kept to D-Day on D-Day.

A lot of the German screens

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