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Finding the Gleneely Spitfire

  • Jonny McNee
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Where I lived in Eglinton, there was

an elderly man who I befriended

and Nat McGlinchey

or eleven when the American Eagle

he used to run errands for them

take their washing, collect eggs

They used to tell him stories and

And he got to know

And one day Bud Wolfe took off

in his plane, crashed it

near the village of Gleneely

from the Northern Ireland records.

All we had was claimed

and Gleneely like most little Donegal settlerments

consists of about four pubs and three shops at the side of a hill.

To get the full records we had to go down to the Irish

Army Records in Dublin

because there it transpired

the right and legal people.

If the plane crash in the Republic of

That would have went to the crash site

all the information on the crash,

as to where it was.

And really,

that my young daughter and I set off

And so let's at least head to Gleneely,

knock on a few doors and see what happens.

We called him to a filling station,

McLoughlin's filling station in Gleneely

And the lady behind the counter, Katy.

He was very hung over from a wedding

said she didn't know anything about it.

But I needed to meet a chap

and he would know.

And literally, he was the next person

He didn't know where he said the person

Martin Kearney

The next person into the shop

He says,

I'll come back here and a little more time

So one minute

The next minute,

at a hole and said, that's the crater

that the plane caused when it crashed.

And my daughter Grace at that point

And she's a real mudlark

She can come and ...if she can come back

covered in mud the better. She ferreted around

and pulled out a few parts of what

So I was able to entering the producer to

It's a mile out

on a slope.

And according to the geological record,

which doesn't

but that then at least

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  • Bud Wolfe

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