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No Prejudice

  • Dheeraj Bhasin
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Coming through training, it was very refreshing

that that the attitude towards me

was exactly the same as the attitude towards everyone else.

It's a great leveler, the training system

and life in the RAF.

You also get to know people very well.

I think a lot of prejudices come from not knowing people

and not knowing what they're like,

but of course, because you're so well integrated

with your peer group, they know you well enough

to break down any perceptions they have

about you being different.

So as I came through training,

I was treated exactly the same as everyone else.

I received the treatment that everyone else received,

and I had an outstanding relationship

with my colleagues, with my fellow trainees,

which lasts all the way till today, 32 years later.

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