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Changing Attitudes

  • Philip Betts
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When you leave a

unless everybody hates you.

But you generally get a leaving gift.

My first squadron.

I left them the normal evening

I got a silver plated tankard

and I was posted to Germany from Witton

And the script on it, which now

put in a service complaint about it

the script in it was "It

have a great time. "

If I take that from today's

view, this is slightly racist.

I can look back at it then,

and there were actually affection

But it was meant affectionately now.

As time has gone on,

or even a few years

I've still got that indoors.

It's in my loft, it's never on display.

But the one reason

Was I look at that and say, well,

It will be totally unacceptable today.

I can't think of any leaders

So, too, is my benchmark to remind me

Without taking your eye off the ball

And if I speak to younger people

who have only been in four or five,

When I hear their stories, that reminds me

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