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Officer Training

  • Dheeraj Bhasin
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I joined the Air Force in 1990.

I went straight into Officer Training, which was hard work.

It was hard work intellectually, emotionally, physically.

Did about 18 weeks there, and then I started

a flying training process, which involved flying

smaller, simpler, slower airplanes to start with,

and slowly building up over about three years

on to single seat fighters.

Pretty much every day was hard work.

Every day, you wondered

whether you'd make it to the next day.

But at the same time, your confidence was growing

and you were surrounded by people in the same boat,

so you made some great friends and it was overall,

with the benefit of hindsight, an excellent experience.

But four years of exceptionally hard work.

The good thing about the work was that

you wanted to get up in the morning and do it every day

because it was a dream come true.

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