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  • Donald Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


How I got involved in that role,

and it was really.

Every way to say that we're not

Back then "ethnic"

Now it's BAME

youngsters, girls and boys

and I went to a meeting and

I looked and I was on the panel.

And I could see the structure of what was

the team was saying and

me with my big mouth, I just said

Excuse me, I said, I said,

And it was like, Well, how dare you?

You know,

and again,

And I said, Well, what do you mean?

I said, Well, if you look at the structure

You are insulting

and I have to explain myself

What I'm saying is that if you look at the

Down to

The one at the bottom

is a black face,

So you are taking black people

join our organization

So that's how I ended up

because at that time I was up the ranks,

I started going around and

I went to quite a few schools

and one school alone, six of them joined

And you know,

where they just went everywhere with the

You know, so.

The point I'm making is this

if we're going to do things

We need to have people.


can associate with.

You know,

if you want somebody who is English, white

English, Asian

black Caribbean or African have them

what you want to come in and join

You won't get the results.

And unfortunately,

You know, for whatever the reason is,

to structure it so that people and I think

Where youngsters of six, seven,

bright because I know I talked to them.

And the questions they ask. Right.

And they're innocent, right?

It's later on and things develop

Then that is where we

people of their own reflection

and know that they can achieve the highest

Prime Minister Yeah,

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