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Northern Ireland

  • Donald Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


But after my training, which I did

six months.

And I actually.

Was posted to Northern Ireland.

So that's how we ended up

And that was life changing

because you had to grow quickly.

Kind of like this when you go up

when they sort of molly coddle you today

You just got a ticket.

You found your train went down the tube

taxi, whatever

So we got off Belfast.

And there was a soldier in every corner.

Myself and my mate,

and to learn that it was like

we didn't know about it.

So it was quite something

lying down, rifle ready, you know?

And then we had to walk right

to get the train

just outside Londonderry.

That's why we posted this place

And that's where we ended up.

That was.

Something else,

And in that time, so much happened,

you know, when?

You hear of people

So we were very restricted in terms

and at no time could you leave on your own

always with somebody else,

And going outside to places

like Londonderry and places like Coleraine.


is fantastic,

well, very amenable.

And by that, I mean, they would look at me

as a black young man and they would say,

And I would say, well,

you being in the military,

we have no fight with you, they would say.

It's the British

to fight with, so, you know, and

so the actual reception to myself

very good and to the point where

this is the only time this has happened.

I went to a chip shop outside of camp and

and they called me to the front

Now you know that it's a small thing,

and you're away from home

you and that happens, it sort of stays,

And it just showed you

their attitude towards myself, you know?

But Northern Ireland for a year

you had to grow up

conflict, shall we say, civil unrest.

And you didn't know who the enemy was.


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