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Joining Up

  • Donald Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I think when I

I would like to join the armed forces,

And he said,

I hadn't a clue. I'm thinking which one?

He said 'You've got the navy, the army, the air force.

So he gave you the afternoon off

In this case, it was Birmingham

And I went and.

Yeah, the first officer I came to

So I went in there

Yes young man?

I said, I think I want to join the Navy.

This is the way I talked in back then.

It's a real Brummie type talk

And he said I'd sit down and

he threw this book at me and said,

And I said "What's that?"

So I didn't go to do

an exam, I'm saying to myself, I'm thinking

I just want to know

About the navy.

And I just sort of turn the page

...even, sort of read

I went to look and I said.

No, thank you.

And he goes, I see you wouldn't do

So anyway, I got up and gave him his book

back and said, Look,

I don't like the sea anyway, right?

But eventually I dismissed the army.

I don't know why.

I just automatically

subconsciously dismiss the army,

And it was completely different.

It's much more sort of friendly

and I felt at ease and.

The rest is history. So.

It wasn't until I was 18,

as I worked in industry

as a, as an engineer and also

did electrical installation, but

It was like a knock at inside


in the city

You come home in the dark and the only

daylight, I would see

I was working, especially in winter.

I'm thinking there's

and there's got to be a bigger world

Soldiers and all these people on TV

in and out of bars, marching up and down,

So had this longing and craving, so at 18,

actually joined the air force

And it was just fantastic.

36 years later,

it was just great,

He was so much more than I expected,

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