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Arriving in England

  • Alan Waxman


When he arrived, he had three months of schooling

in order to learn English and then was sent to work.

His first job was working for an engineering company

and during that time, he must have thought also

of wanting to be, eventually, in the RAF

because he joined the Cadet Force in Yorkshire for the RAF.

During that time, he obviously got to a stage

where he thought about wanting to join the RAF

but because now that the war had started,

he was in the reserved occupation, he wasn't allowed to

because they needed those workers to make ammunitions

and suchlike, which is what he was doing,

to support the war machine.

He, therefore, asked the owner of the factory

if he could move and again, another sweet and sour story,

the owner of the factory,

because Dad was one of his best workers,

if not his best worker, said, if you leave, I'm gonna,

first of all, tear up your work permit

and secondly, have you sent to a concentration camp.

And the curious thing about this story, obviously,

horrific as it was for a, I dunno,

15, 16-year-old boy in a foreign land,

was the owner of the factory was in fact Jewish.

So, a very curious story.

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