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Escape from Germany

  • Alan Waxman


My father was born in 1924 in Sarreguemines in France.

Both his parents were Polish by birth

and had obviously left Poland to come and live, initially,

in France but then, very shortly afterwards,

they moved to Saarbrucken in Germany,

just across the border.

And it was while he was at school there, aged 12,

that they had the Kristallnacht,

when the Germans came and smashed all the windows.

During that time, obviously, it must have been horrific

for any Jewish family living there.

After that, my father, with his youngest brother

and his parents, were sent back to Poland.

Their papers were not quite in order.

As a result of that, they were not allowed over the border

and the irony being, clearly,

if they had been allowed over the border,

I wouldn't be here this morning making this video for you.

So, fortunately, the Germans were very tight

on their protocol and hence, Dad was allowed to come over

on the Kindertransport and he ended up in Bradford

in Yorkshire in the north of England.

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