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Don’t ask, don’t tell

  • Connor Thirkill
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


When I joined up I still thought it was

banned because of the don't ask don't tell

was still very much in you know talked about in the news

and stuff like that.

As a kid you pretty much only saw the american

military stories.

So I was actually slightly terrified of coming out.

So I can (stutters) I have an idea of what it

might have been like, but I couldn't imagine

being afraid for someone entire career for like

twenty or thirty years having to pretend

to be something they're not.

Otherwise they get kicked out despite doing nothing wrong.

I didn't want to get stuck in University

and I wanted a bit of independence so I always considered

military, but it did make me worry slightly

that I would have to spend most of my life pretending

that I was straight.

So I did keep quiet for the first two years

and then I accidentally came out.

And I realized that it wasn't a problem

and that everyone was quite excepting.

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