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Heinrich Ehrler

  • Kurt Schulze


What they said about Ehrler.

Sure, he was a fighter pilot,

and fighter pilots were a little bit looser than the average

infantry commander,

or even the bomber pilots.

And so,

you will see when you look at the court partial,

that they couldn't convict him

of not helping the Tirpitz,

but they convicted him of not sitting

at the airport and guide the planes.

Ehrler was not the same anymore.

And you know that Ehrler,

through his Weissenberger,

Weissenberger was a squadron commander

of the squadron Ehrler was in.

Weissenberger was the guy who threw his ass up there

at Pestamov before.

So he was happy that he was with those guys

when he didn't sleep at night,

and he was really demoralized.

I mean, but he was glad to be able to fly again,

and he shot down I think six or seven more B-17s

or whatever it was back in planes during the day,

and then he shot down a B-17 and ran out of ammunition.

And Weissenberger was all up in the air,

and he said to Weissenberger,

"I am out of ammunition, I am going to ram my plan,

"I'll see you in Valhalla."

And crashed into a B-17,

and died, and was buried in Stendal, Germany.

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