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  • Derek Smith
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


What I did find was enjoyable,

well, was the company that I had.

Having been at school in London,

I only knew people from London area really

and then you're mixing that sort of

where you do your square-bashing,

you're mixing with guys from Scotland, Wales, Ireland,

all different, north, you know, all their different accents,

and you form a sort of a like a unit, yourself.

In the billets doing your square-bashing

and then you're training another group you meet up with.

And I found it was a wonderful experience,

looking back on it.

At the time,

don't know whether I appreciated it at the time.

But, and then, of course, you get sent abroad

and you mix up with all these other guys

from different walks of life.


Something I think should still be continued.

I'd think I'd grown up but the time I didn't realize it,

but I've found I could mix with people much easier

from more, from different walks of life.

Even some criminals,

one or two work in the services with me.

But they changed.

  • Derek Smith

    © RAF Museum

  • Derek Smith

    © RAF Museum

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