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Princess Margaret

  • Derek Smith
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Oh, when I was in Kenya

Princess Margaret visited us.

And that was quite an occasion,

'cause we were all lined up adjacent to the runway

when the aircraft, it was a Heron,

and she landed in this Heron and we all lined up,

all in our best blue and blanco stuff

and we watched her get off, out of the plane,

first thing she did was open her handbag

got a cigarette out and lit it,

with all the fumes of the aircraft

nobody dared tell her not to (laughing)

anyway then she got up into a little stand

and we all had to march passed

and everything for photographs.

Yeah, that was something.

And all over the town, Nairobi, was all lit up lights,

we had to behave ourselves for a time.

  • Derek Smith

    © RAF Museum

  • Derek Smith

    © RAF Museum

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