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Vera’s Thanks

  • Vera Mitschrich
  • Interview by: Dan waters


My name is Vera, I'm from Berlin, Germany,

and I'm very, very thankful.

I was five years old, coming to school later a little bit,

and I have not a big memory but little one.

I'm here today, and I'm so proud of you.

You gave us hope, you gave us food,

I'm so thankful.

And the good, good is thing is Gail, my Mom,

she had a vision, and, oh my heart,

she had a vision, and one day in the day,

she said to me "Vera, I hope you can say thank you",

and now I can.

(Gail laughs)

I'm so proud.

You come, you bring us over,

and I'm here at 70 years ago,

and we met at 21 years ago,

and now I'm here in the Air Force Base

in the hotel intercity,

and you know what's going on there when you come-

From my American Hotel.

Ja, and they say "Okay, you know the Candy Man?",

and I say "Yes, I know the Candy Man",

(Gale laughs)

and out comes a wonderful,

(Vera laughs)

Stop, you know what's going on.

They say to me, the lady from the office,

"Vera, I give you now a wonderful name,

"you are the Candy Girl right now",

and it was for me so fantastic,

and thank you I appreciate it.

I never, never will forget you.

God bless you all.

Vera, from Berlin, Germany.

(Gale laughs)

  • Gail Halvorsen

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