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Role of the RAF

  • Balbir Flora
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


You will occasionally get people saying,

"I won't fight against another Muslim or kill a Muslim."

Or, "I won't fight against India."

Or you know, things like that.

What I try and explain to them

is that the air force has a role

and that is to protect itself, Great Britain,

and then the British interests, that's our primary role.

And then our secondary role is then

to then also provide humanitarian aid

in the support of the countries

which are linked to Britain and various organizations

such as NATO or the Commonwealth and things like that,

we always end up supporting those.

And the answer to those youngsters would then be

is that obviously they have got to come to terms with that,

that they don't want to kill another Indian or Muslim

or whatever and that's their thing,

but at the end of it they are British.

They might have roots in the other country,

but they are British, they actually joined to serve

they've gotta look at the bigger picture

that they are here to actually do good

and provide humanitarian aid and things like that.

When you actually explain how many things

that are going on around the world

where we're providing food aid or support

or helping build, rebuild a country and things like that,

they actually don't realize because obviously

the news is always about this operation killing this members

of the Muslim community, ISIS or whatever.

So their views are sort of quite sort of narrow at the time,

but you need to sort of broaden their horizons

to say look at the wider picture of what's going on

around the world and what other stuff we're doing

which is actually good.

And then some of them sort of still have

that decision to make,

but it's their own decision they have

to sort of come to terms

with whether they want to join or not.

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