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Squadron Leader Arjan Singh

  • Balbir Flora
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Just two weeks ago

we were at the RAF100 event at Cardiff,

and I was talking to a veteran Spitfire pilot

this 94 year old.

Victor, I can't remember his surname off hand.

I was chatting to him and he wasn't in a well sort of way,

you know he had a bit of a chest infection

but he was sort of kept looking at me

and then he said, "I served in India,

"in the war and I was based just outside Bombay."

and he said, then he was obviously flying

in the Far-East.

And then he said, "My CO was a Sikh."

And I knew that there weren't many Sikh fighter pilots

of that sort of rank.

So I showed him a picture of Arjan Singh

who was at the time was Squadron leader Arjan Singh

and straight away said, "That's him."

And so all I did was literally just went on my mobile phone

and Googled Arjan Singh

'cause I know most of these sort of celebrities

that were out there.

And then as soon as he said that was it,

I showed him that picture of him

because he made it to Air Field Marshal

of the Indian Air Force

and was given an honorary rank of Marshal of the Air Force,

of the Indian Air force.

So is showed the picture of him

before he sort of passed away last year

and he was sort of big smiles

to me you know.

I don't think he had ever

or thought that he would see a picture of this guy

he served with and he probably hasn't seen another Sikh

in an air force uniform since you know

since after the war or whatever,

but to me in Cardiff as a Sikh

and then bring up this conversation,

and then I show him a picture on the internet

of the guy he served with you know

to me that sort of thing is brilliant.

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