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The Regiment

  • Ian Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The Regiment is the armed section of the Royal Air Force.

Wherever the planes go, wherever the personnel go,

the Regiment is there to protect them.

We protect airfields and the local area,

the local centers within the airfield.

For an example, we was there in Basra in Iraq.

We'd defend Basra Air Station

and we also did a 200 square kilometer area

all the way around it.

There was about five or six villages

that we looked after.

Gas and oil separation plants as well

that we also helped defend.

It's quite a big varied role.

Within it, obviously you've got

the air base that we defend,

but it's also going in the hearts and the minds

of the local villagers, going to speak

to the elders and just seeing if we can

get information that way,

and just keeping them safe and expect their help

keep us safe as well.

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