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Discipline in the Cadets

  • Ian Sweet and Sophie Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


From my point of view, there's not

as much discipline departments as there used to be.

I think it was very strict when I was a cadet.

But the way the world's gone these days,

and we follow political correctness

in that were not allowed to be

as strict as we were say twenty years ago.

So you have to let the kids have a bit more reign

in what they can do.

The courses have definitely changed

and also the way they teach the cadets as well.

It was all pen and paper and books obviously back then.

Its all on computer now

and laptop learning and Powerpoint presentations.

So probably now the drills are the same.

Obviously, the rifles have changed, the weapons,

and all the aircraft have changed as well.

I don't think exhaustion,

like it can be strict at times,

but they do let you have a bit of freedom.

  • Sophie Sweet

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