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Jungle Training

  • Ian Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We went to Belize to do a six week jungle warfare package.

You going around doing orienteering around the jungle,

which obviously it's a lot more difficult

than orienteering on the flat plains.

'Cause you can't see a lot, obviously, for the trees.

So, that was quite difficult getting the orienteering done.

We just had to do shell scrapes and the washing facility

was our local river.

So we had the wash in the local river

for six weeks on the tour.

And then we had to have a boat 200 meters down river

because there was a family of crocodiles that lived there,

so it was quite exciting.

And I was on sentry there one day,

guarding a area where we set up,

and a little baby puma come walking past me

about 50 meters in front.

That was quite harrows,

kept looking around for the mum but couldn't spot it.

I didn't want the mum to come pay me a visit.

Yeah, that was an experience.

And as you was washing in the stream as well

you just get the fish coming in between your toes.

That took a while to get used to, that did.

But yeah, we lived on ration packs for the whole six weeks.

So, we all got back about one and half stone lighter.

So but it, no, it was a great experience, the jungle.

It rained for three weeks,

three weeks out of the six weeks we was there.

And you only had two, that's the kit.

One was your wet kit, one was your dry kit.

And you could only put your dry kit on to go to sleep.

But it wasn't a bad tour, it was alright.

By 6:00 every night you was in bed

because it's pitch black

and you don't move in the jungle at night.

So, it was the only time for six weeks

I really got 12 hours sleep at night.

So, it was quite a bonus.

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