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Bed Bugs

  • Colin Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Bed bugs were a big problem.

And initially it was a complete infestation

in the barrack blocks, with bed bugs.

We would buy a can of lighter fuel from the NAAFI,

drag the bed out onto the balcony

and break it into its component parts,

spray it with lighter fuel and set fire to it.

And you'd hear the bed bugs popping as they were burned.

And then you'd reassemble the bed,

and perhaps wrap double-sided tape around the legs

to stop them crawling up the legs,

or possibly stand the legs in paraffin.

But we suspect they would climb up the lockers

and jump off the lockers onto us as well. (laughs)

But once you got sunburnt they couldn't bite you.

So, you tried to get the bits

that were not normally sunburnt,

that were vulnerable.

So, insides of your arms, insides of your legs.

If you could get those sunburnt,

then you were safe from bed bugs.

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